9 Steps For Preparing Your Company BCDR

There has never been another year like the one we just lived through. 2020 turned lives and businesses upside down. Some businesses were prepared – not that they could have anticipated the coronavirus, but they had a business continuity and disaster recovery plan (BCDR) in place and that meant when faced with having to pivot to a work-from-home model, they were ready for it.

The coronavirus pandemic wreaked, and continues to wreak, havoc on the economy as well as lives and the way businesses operate. If you’re struggling to regroup and recoup, you should also be looking at:

  1. What went right
  2. What went wrong
  3. How can we be prepared in the future?

The best way we know of to be prepared is to take the time to create a business continuity plan.

No matter how your business fared what 2020 threw at it, you don’t want to be caught unaware again and let’s face it – who knows what will happen?


  1. Analyze your business as a whole
  2. Break down the business into components or departments
  3. Make note of ALL processes, activities and functions each department performs
  4. Note which departments rely on other departments in order to perform their function
  5. Round up principles and get them involved in the process. It may make sense to have a representative from each department as they know the inner workings of their group the best
  6. Look at your supply and delivery chain. What happens if one of those chains gets a broken link? How will you receive and deliver products?

If you’re like any of the entrepreneurs with whom we work, you definitely want to foster a growth mindset and you want to keep your business moving forward and remaining viable. Your BCDR helps immensely with that.

9 ways to prepare bcdr

It’s not enough to prepare the organization’s business continuity and disaster recovery plan. You need company-wide buy in. You need to set the tone for the entire company that this is a living, breathing document. It needs to be looked at regularly – at least quarterly – updated to accommodate any company changes and chain of command changes.

If your organization is still struggling with recovering from the pandemic and if you still have work from home employees who may not be accessing the company data in a secure fashion, don’t waste another minute!

Contact us and let’s talk about your BCDR as well as simple cybersecurity moves you can implement to amp up the security and safety of your company’s most valuable asset – its data.

If you spend more than a few hours a week fixing IT issues, we’ve got the perfect managed IT services plan for your business. | Providing Expert IT Solutions with a Protect Data Now mindset. | Pres. WareGeeks Solutions. Schedule a time for a no-obligation phone call.





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