Samantha Makes An A: Book And Game Review

After a particularly tough day in second grade Samantha tells her mom that she’s convinced she will fail because she doesn’t understand her math lesson.

Samantha is stumped when it comes to measurements. Gallons, pints, teaspoons and tablespoons just don’t make sense to her. But worst of all is the pie! Cutting up a pie into fractions just isn’t something Samantha can swallow. Feeling bad for her daughter and wanting to help, Samantha’s mom comes up with a creative idea to make learning math tasty and fun. A trip to the grocery store after school helps Samantha to learn that measurements are all around us.

Once she realizes this, a dozen eggs or a gallon of milk will become her teaching tools. As for the pie, see how a sweet treat helps to teach Samantha all she needs to know to make it through math in the second grade.

I’m excited to announce that my new book and game, Samantha Makes An A, is now available at If you would like to be one of the first to read this new children’s book and play the game before it goes on sale everywhere, add the coupon code Samantha for a free download only copy. We only ask that you leave your honest review. Here are the links for the game.
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Paula Perry

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