5 Reasons To Use A Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Somedays my assistant says she “wants to write on stone tablets” because of the hacking and ransomware, phishing and complete lack of anonymity online. Even when she started using her #VPN I cautioned her, “you are not anonymous online.

It’s not as if everyone who uses the internet is searching for and downloading illegal materials and that is why they use VPNs. A virtual private network does have a myriad of benefits, but anonymity is not one of them.

Cyberattackers and online threats are perpetrated daily on large companies, small companies and individuals who are doing online shopping, checking their email or interacting on social media. If you’re online, you could be a target.

5 Reasons To Use A Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Before we talk about five of the many reasons to use a VPN, let’s understand what it is. A virtual private network can:

5 Reasons To Use A Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  1. Keep ad trackers at bay when you’re shopping online
  2. Allows you to access content in other countries (television shows for example) that you may not be able to
  3. You can surf the internet with a sense of security that no one can see your online transactions

 When you’re online, the government and other entities can monitor your information. For example, when you log on or get online your IP, country, city and internet service provider is visible.

If you want to protect that information from being visible, a VPN can hide your identity. It will change your IP, your provider and your country, city and state or hide them.

Why should you use a VPN, here are 5 reasons:

  1. If you’re online on a public wi-fi (which we never recommend doing) using a VPN makes your information more secure. When you log into a public wifi, you are putting your private, personal information on view. With a VPN on your device your information is protected from a potential hacker.
  2. You can save money when you shop online. When you shop online, many retailers bump up the price based on your location. If you’re using a VPN, the retailer won’t know your location and you may benefit from a lower price.
  3. Your data will be encrypted when you use a VPN. Data encryption protects your information from government censors and your activities remain hidden when you’re on a public Wifi. Remember, though even though your activities are hidden, you are not anonymous.
  4. You can collaborate with your team privately. When you’re online – and what business isn’t? – you are under threat continually. Using a VPN protects your information from cyber criminals and lets you collaborate with your team with a lower threat of an attack.
  5. If you’re an online gamer, you may see your gaming speed increase if you go through a VPN. The reason you may find faster gaming speed when you use a VPN is that many ISPs bottleneck gaming data and that means you will have lower and slower gaming speeds and downloads.

There are many VPNs available. If you’re new to virtual private networks and their intricacies, reach out to Seth Melendez of WareGeeks Solutions.

 WareGeeks Solutions is a Roselle, New Jersey-based full-service IT Solutions and Service Provider.
We specialize in Data Protection, specifically Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) and Cyber Security. We work with all small, medium, and large companies. We conduct a multi-level risk analysis that identifies processes procedures and/or technology that stifle productivity with oppressive layers of complexity. If you have IT or security questions contact Seth at WareGeeks Solutions. For information or a consultation, call (877) 653-7146, or email us at 





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