Why Computer Backups Are Crucial

Does your IT department have your computer servers and stations set to backup automatically or do they rely on the “don’t forget to backup” written on a sticky note method? If your business computer and all its crucial information isn’t being backed up regularly and to more than one place, now is the time to have a talk with your IT department. Why computer backups are crucial is what I want to talk about today.

Wondering whether you can restore your computer system in the event of a power failure, ransomware or phishing attack isn’t something that you should lose sleep over. Backing up your computer hardware and software needs to be an ongoing part of your IT department’s protocols. In the event of a ransomware attack — and they appear to be increasing in frequency — you don’t want to have to pay a hacker to get access to your company data, do you?

Once a hacker has gained entry to your system and your sensitive data, the damage has been done. They/the hackers have infiltrated everything that is important to your company operations, potential company secrets, your financials and the data that your customers have entrusted you to protect. Do you want to be the one who has to let your clients know that their data may have been compromised? I certainly wouldn’t want to be in your shoes at that point.

Why Computer Backups Are Crucial

Having duplicate copies of your company’s most important information and data saved in a remote location and/or in the cloud will help keep it safe in case a hacker infiltrates your company servers or computer stations. Imagine, if you will, an employee inadvertently clicks on a link in an email that certainly looks as though it came from someone within the company and whoosh — a hacker is in your company servers, has locked you out and is now demanding an obscene amount of money for you to regain access. With a computer backup, even though the data has been compromised — you can still access your backup, restore that information and get back to business.

the importance of computer back up

Here are a few of the many reasons a computer backup is crucial:

  1. A virus. There are aggressive and malicious viruses just waiting to corrupt your data files, disable computers, lock you out and compromise client data
  2. A computer or server crash. These occur when you least expect it and when you can least afford it. Honestly, can you ever afford to not have access to your company computer system? Without a backup data can be lost forever.
  3. Your hard drive gives up the ghost and fails. A hard drive is not a product that can be ignored because it will fail and will typically fail suddenly and catastrophically. When the hard drive fails, and backups are not up to date, your company could be looking at the loss of months or even years of files that cannot be replaced or retrieved.
  4. Physical damage to the company computers. Whether from fire, vandalism, water damage — the list goes on — a physically damaged laptop or desktop can lead to loss of data.
  5. Physical theft of a company computer. If you travel with your laptop — and how many business owners do? A lot! — and it is stolen what will you do? How will you restore the information that you’ve lost. If there is not an off-computer backup, the data on that computer is forever lost. Additionally, if you travel with your company computer do you have a way to disable it if it’s stolen — if not, check into that.

Bottom line: If you and your company value what is stored on your computer system or servers, it is crucial that the information is protected by performing ongoing computer backups. Stop and think for a moment about how much information goes into your company computers on a daily basis. If that data is lost, how much money will your company lose?

Backing up the files on a desktop or laptop won’t protect the information in the event of a computer breakdown. The information stored on that individual computer — if it relates to your overall company operations — needs to be stored and saved in a separate location for retrieval in the event of a computer hacking.

Make sure your data is protected and easy to be retrieved. No matter the event, your data is your business’s lifeblood. Don’t become a statistic of a ransomware attack where you pay to get the data back and hope that it hasn’t already been released on the dark web.

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