What Are The Benefits Of Putting Your Business In ‘The Cloud’?

We have written extensively on the cloud, how businesses are using it, why they are and what some of the potential downfalls could be. Today we wanted to give some thoughts on why your business should invest in the cloud and what makes it more feasible in today’s interconnected business climate.

Businesses that are forward-thinking know that when they are operating in the cloud they are a step ahead of the competition… isn’t that where you want to be?

Benefits Of Putting Your Business In ‘The Cloud’

  1. The provider offers automatic updates. You may need to “accept” them and we urge you to do so, but other than that, you don’t have to worry about it.
  2. Using the cloud and cloud-based solutions are flexible in design, can grow with you and scale back when necessary.
  3. When faced with a disaster, businesses and home users need to think about how they would recover in the event of a loss of critical business data and personal files. Using the cloud makes recovery quicker and easier.
  4. It could cost less than investing in servers and paying for storage.
  5. Businesses that operate on the cloud can more easily collaborate with co-workers, vendors and remote team members.
  6. Location. Location. Location… it doesn’t matter when you use cloud storage. You can access data from anywhere that you have access to the Internet.
  7. There have been security breaches but for the most part, using the cloud is one of the most secure ways to secure your data.
  8. You will be more competitive if you’re using the cloud. You can lower costs because you only pay for what you use and you have access to the data 24/7.
  9. Multiple users on a single document can lead to issues with “what is the most current version?” If you use cloud documents multiple users can be in the document and the changes are saved real time.
  10. If going green is a company initiative, cloud services certainly cut down on paying for equipment, the electricity to run it and the space to set up a server room.

If your business isn’t using the cloud for data storage and retrieval, why not? What’s stopping you from doing that? We are curious and we can help you make the switch!

DM us or schedule an appointment to talk with our President Seth Melendez. Protect your company’s most valuable asset – its data.

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