The Hot Cross Bun, Aliveshoes!

Available! New item from Writers Block Production Collection, by Paula Perry.

Based on the character from my children’s book, The Hot Cross Bun.

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Now that you have read the book and played the games. Slip into this sporty slip-on sneaker that definitely captures a contemporary outlook. This shoe is grounded by a carved rubber sole and it is crafted from panels of smooth leather and scuba fabric. The design is enriched with embossed leather detailing and latticed elastic on the front. There is a pull tab on the back and a box window logo on the side.This sneaker is inspired by the character from my book, The Hot Cross Bun. Now available from Writers Block Production Collection, by Paula Perry at $202.00 FREE Shipping to the US, UK, EU, Coupons are available at checkout. Men and women sizes 6-14.

Download the book at…/the-hot-cross-bun…/

Latin Edition:…/the-hot-cross-bun…/


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